LIVE Webcast - Oregon Relays 2013

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 2013 Oregon Relays Live webcast!

Oregon Relays LIVE Webcast Info: High School portions will be broadcast April 19th starting at 6:20pm and April 20th at 10am at sections and the Oregon vs Arkansas men's Dual will be broadcast on on Friday starting late afternoon and Saturday from Noon to 3:15p.m. Meet Schedule

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16 comment(s)
Good job Federal Way! Way to represent
Shout out to White River track!! WTG everyone!!
so laggy
where is the sound
thank you
are you going to show the relays? or stay on the disk all day??
Good job Tim of Kwatlen Park, came 1st in the 1500M
Seriously: I appreciate that there are many many people who want to watch field events: but seems like you could capture the action of the track events and then pan back to show the throw... I particularly liked watching the unmoving view of the stands, and watching one of my students zip by every 58 seconds... at least show me the 15...
the camera is still, please show actions
Please cameraman focus on the action, just hearing the voice not showing the action
Kristin Rose
My little cousin (Kristine Dunn) just won the 400 meter!! I am so proud of you teenie! This is so cool that I can watch you run all the way out in VA. You and the other girls were amazing- and look nothing like me when I try to run on 43 year old knees...aah to be a teenager again. Way to go!!
My baby is doing Great at the University of Oregon Invitational. Placed Second with a Personal Best in the 400 meter.... So far so good!!!
Can someone please tell the camera person to focus on the action (any action)?
Having same problem. Is this a "pay" event?
Go Awwal, go coastal track club of BC
can't wait to see my son in the boys 100 M.
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